Thursday, January 5, 2017


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Friday, January 13, 2012


Picking, picking, and all the same without your ideas and thoughts can not do.
Because of the ugly stock up after the breakdowns needed bracelets and broad, see 5-7. Made one with beads, but can be seen that amateurism, though like. While I can not put photo. The second made on linen, knitted basis nakovyryala colored ryushechek, ala friform happened. It is very personal.
BUT, how to make these bracelets earrings, not to look gumozno.
I have so far such ideas: 1. 3 hooks or buttons.
3. broad clasp, but I do not see these on sale.
Girls I have a question, here is a scheme, bead netting, made bracelets, as there adapts zatezhka, have been unable to find an explanation. As a string attached so as not spreading.

Then the volume needed bracelets, wrist on a thin flat looks bad. Maybe someone have any ideas? A black bear can not, because bone pain, you need to knit.

Maybe if I can not associate with beautiful beads, can embroider on the basis of beads How to make a neat, can have any secrets, but not quite super goes.

Can someone weaves bracelets in Kiev, mayaknite me.

I will be glad to listen to any advice. Coming spring I want to walk properly and not to hide his hand, maybe it's psychological, unnecessarily husband calms down, but all the same to me so easily.

Very nice hook, very carefully goes, like a body-only.